Don’t let a missing number pad slow you down

Don’t let a missing number pad slow you down

Solo #pad offers a portable precision for complete numeric control

Don’t let a missing
number pad slow you down

Solo #pad offers a portable precision for complete numeric control

close up of the Standivarius Solo #pad keyboard's number pad

Full Size Functionality

With the Standivarius Solo #pad, there is absolutely no compromise in work productivity and efficiency in tasks that require a number pad. Working on spreadsheets and complex mathematical equations can now be done even in an on-the-go, hybrid work setting.

Low-Profile for Comfort

Due to the flatter keys similar to a laptop’s keyboard, the Standivarius Solo #pad provides a more comfortable typing experience in contrast to using a standard keyboard, reducing strain on your wrists.

close up of the Standivarius Solo #pad's keys

That Familiar Feeling

Laptop keyboards adopt a scissor key structure. The Solo #pad carries on that same structure for its keys, ensuring a seamless transition between using a laptop and the Solo #pad.

The Ideal Pair

For added comfort, the Standivarius Solo #pad keyboard is best accompanied by our ergonomic laptop stands. By using the Solo #pad with a laptop on a stand, the screen is on the same level as the eyes, minimising the pain that results from hunching over.

a weekend bag with a laptop and the Standivarius Solo #pad keyboard in front

Full size, yet very portable

Despite its number keys, the Standivarius Solo #pad highlights an ultra-slim design that makes it easy to slip in a laptop bag. The included travel sleeve also makes the Solo #pad ideal for hybrid work.

Over 100.000 people in the UK choose Standivarius

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Angle settings 0 degree or 5 with attachable tilt-strip
Size 360 x 112 x 8mm
Weight 317 g
Connectivity robust 2.4 Ghz wireless connection
LED indicators for power & caps lock
Switch Off switch for travelling
Keys 100 full sized keys, low impact scissor
Special features rigid aluminium case, travel sleeve
Colour black, white
Weight and size 442 g; 380 x 140 x 20 mm
Product code ST353021

laptop stand with doc holder

ergonomic wireless mouse

rotating 3-port 2.0 USB hub

  • Compact keyboards allows you to work with your arms much closer to the centre-line of your body

  • This minimises stretching and so has a positive effect on discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders

  • The flatter keys helps reduce the amount of effort required to press the keys, leading to less finger fatigue

Keyboards: WEEE Certification & Carbon Neutrality

  • WEEE Certified Excellence: Our keyboards aren’t just about seamless typing; they meet the highest WEEE standards, ensuring responsible e-waste management and recycling.

  • Green Typing Experience: Every keystroke contributes to a healthier planet. Our keyboards are crafted for minimal environmental impact, aligning with our carbon neutrality goals.

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