Who We Are

Our story so far…

From Ideas to Innovations

In 2010, Standivarius was born out of a clear vision: to fill the void in the market for genuinely portable ergonomic accessories. Our aim was to effectively enable mobile workers to set up a healthy workstation anywhere, embodying the flexibility that modern hybrid work demands.

Moving our operations from Dubai to Timisoara, Romania wasn’t just a change of scenery; it was a strategic step towards closer collaboration with our users and partners across Europe and the United Kingdom. This move enabled prototyping, a hallmark of our design process, and a deeper engagement with the flexible work models that shape today’s professional landscape.

Defining Quality in Mobility and Ergonomics

Standivarius fully complies with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. This means that our products are meticulously designed with recycling and responsible disposal in mind. By choosing Standivarius products, you actively support environmentally conscious end-of-life practices, diminishing electronic waste and contributing to a cleaner world.

A Unique Position in Ergonomic Design

Our unique role as both designer and manufacturer has granted us the ability to respond swiftly to the evolving workplace, whether adapting to new devices or crafting bespoke solutions. Our in-house capabilities allow us to maintain a cycle of continuous innovation, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of ergonomic technology.

infographic of Standivarius' sustainable process from manufacturing to logistics to the end user.

Our Dedication to Sustainability

Today, we operate with a sales and logistics network that extends across the EU and the United Kingdom. Our ethos remains steadfast—not only to provide simple, high-quality ergonomic products but also to ensure our operations and products reflect our commitment to sustainability. We’ve adopted environmentally responsible practices in our design, manufacturing, and distribution processes to minimize our carbon footprint and promote a sustainable future. This includes using recycled materials in our packaging, ensuring energy-efficient production, and supporting carbon offset initiatives. 

Our continued innovation in ultra-light laptop stands — renowned for enhancing productivity and comfort while adhering to health & safety compliance — now also comes with the added assurance of environmental stewardship, proving that excellence in design and user satisfaction can go hand in hand with ecological mindfulness.

Standivarius Today: Crafting the Future

As we look to the future from our foundation of innovation and dedication, Standivarius continues to progress in the mobile ergonomic space. Our commitment goes beyond creating ergonomic solutions; it’s about fostering a work culture that values health, sustainability, and mobility.

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