Why We Succeed

Standivarius’s goal: the highest adoption rate possible among users, without compromising ergonomics. Like you, our foundations are grounded in the wellbeing of others. The more users utilize proper ergonomic equipment, the more we can sleep better at night.

We take this goal very seriously. And with your help, our products can adhere to the most stringent of ergonomic certifications time and time again.

Your Benefits

As a Standivarius dealer, you will enjoy a number of benefits that open new opportunities, besides our constant support in helping you reach the right customer with the right product and service:

• Increase the value provided to your customers by complementing existing offers with the wellbeing and prevention components

• Increase the top and bottom line through the benefits offered by a very competitive manufacturer

• Be able to provide solutions to a more and more increasing trend towards hybrid and remote work

We make it easier for dealers

All Standivarius distributors enjoy a host of benefits and comprehensive support:

1. Access to the best portable ergonomic products available on the market

2. Sales, support, and training to empower your team

3. A wide range of marketing materials to promote Standivarius products effectively

4. Lifetime warranty and hassle-free return handling

5. Exceptional service and support for all your needs

6. Valuable information and inspiration to stay ahead in the ergonomic solutions market

Distribution Map

Our growing network of distributors spans across various regions, bringing Standivarius products to customers around the world. Join us in expanding our global presence and offering premium ergonomic solutions to even more customers.

Standivarius product highlights featuring the Standivarius Etra laptop stand, Standivarius Oryx evo D laptop stand, and the Standivarius solo X compact keyboard

Product Highlights

Standivarius offers a diverse range of ergonomic products, designed with comfort, functionality, and style in mind. Our top-selling products include:

  • Standivarius Etra

  • Standivarius Oryx Evo D Laptop Stand

  • Standivarius Solo X keyboard

Explore Distribution Opportunities

Interested in enhancing your product portfolio? Standivarius invites you to explore our range of innovative ergonomic solutions. Partner with us and see how together we can meet the evolving demands of the workplace.

Benefit from our extensive support and join us in our mission to promote health and productivity. Ask about our trial program and the advantages of becoming a Standivarius distributor.

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