Make It Yours

A stand that’s crafted with your requirements in mind

Make It Yours

A Standivarius Oryx evo that’s crafted with your requirements in mind

Make It Yours

A Standivarius Oryx evo that’s crafted with your requirements in mind

Oryx evo X: A fully customisable Oryx evo

With science-backed ergonomics as the foundation, we designed our laptop stands to minimise health risks like musculoskeletal disorders. Oryx evo X shares the same highlights as our other laptop stands: ergonomic and aids in work comfort, can have an integrated document holder for enhanced productivity, lightweight and a slim form factor for portability, intuitive and easy to use, quality and durability that will stand the test of time – but is tailor-made according to your needs and specifications.

Collaborative Customisation

Standivarius’s goal: the highest adoption rate possible among users, without compromising ergonomics. Like you, our foundations are grounded in the wellbeing of others. The more users utilize proper ergonomic equipment, the more we can sleep better at night.

We take this goal very seriously. And with your help, our products can adhere to the most stringent of ergonomic certifications time and time again.

Precision-cut to your specifications

Hybrid work brings many challenges, and we address them. Grounded in scientific research and ergonomic principles, our solutions offer the adjustability and durability you seek to cater to individual needs, ensuring the highest level of comfort and functionality.

While a mobile office cannot match the standardised set-up of a fixed office, our products being lightweight, user-friendly, and height adjustable all in a durable body has the same beneficial effects.

Your Logo Here

Brand identity is paramount in today’s visual-centric age. Expand your reach by having your company logo imprinted on the Oryx evo X.

Each Standivarius product is annually reviewed and has incorporated product feedback to our new designs.

Have specific needs for your workspace?

Let us tailor the Oryx evo X to fit perfectly with your needs. Get in touch with us and let’s collaborate on creating an ergonomic solution that’s just right for you.

Experience our dedicated approach with a personalised laptop stand designed to meet your unique requirements.

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