Standivarius: Where We Stand

We approach our mission from an overall perspective – it is more than just designing a product; it is also about considering the entire process, from start to finish, in a balanced and responsible manner. 

Our process begins with what we are good at: creating pleasant experiences, promoting well-being, and preventing problems for professionals on the move. This is where we can confidently say that we can truly assist you. We understand your needs, we can anticipate the evolving landscape of work, and we recognize our own limitations. 

Our dedicated efforts involve not only identifying general needs and trends but also delving into the details that often determine success or failure. We affectionately refer to it as the “(Almost) No Compromise Design.”

Yes, “almost”. Packing best-in-class portability, sturdiness, and by-the-book ergonomics in a 2.5mm-thick product necessitates some trade-offs. It is not rocket science, but it does require plenty of trial and error and a handful of common-sense principles that we know upfront that should we compromise on them, the foundation will crumble.

two professionals comfortably working using Standivarius Oryx evo D laptop stand

Facts-Based Ergonomics

Health and well-being are not mere whims; they are essential. Incorrect advice or product specifications can lead to not only long-term discomfort, but long-term musculoskeletal disorders as well. That is why we engage with ergonomists, academics, physiotherapists, and, most importantly, you—the end user. We strive to adhere rigorously to established guidelines (link to DSE Regulations) and incorporate best practices.

As an example: our laptop stand is designed to prevent users from typing on the laptop’s keyboard. When that happens, it’s indicative of poor ergonomics.

close up photo of Standarivarius laptop stand


Our approach is simple—select and use top-tier materials, assemble them, test with real users, and repeat the process. For certain products that we literally craft by hand, we offer a lifetime warranty.

Fun fact: Our Oryx W laptop stand, designed for larger laptops,, easily supports laptops weighing over 17kg.


We prioritize local sourcing, build for longevity, use resources carefully, employ recycled materials for packaging, and ensure proper disposal at a product’s end of life. While we aspire to eliminate waste and reduce CO2 emissions, it is not entirely feasible (yet!). To compensate, we have voluntarily offset our CO2 emissions through the UN Carbon Neutral Platform, investing in green energy generation projects since 2021.


We’re dedicated to minimising hassles in user experience. The less you are aware that we’re watching your back (and neck), the better. Setting up, using, packing away, and carrying our products should be as simple as turning the doorknob. With in-house prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, we continually seek enhancements for a smoother user experience.

Case in point: our best-selling laptop stand, Oryx evo D, has undergone 34 iterations since its 2012 launch.

a user in a home office working with Standivarius products

Hybrid Workplace Ready

Given our expertise in the mobile office space, and that we ourselves live the mobile and hybrid workspace lifestyle, it stands to reason that what we offer you should adhere to your needs in living your own hybrid workplace. Our products are well-suited for hot desking, fits a modular office space, and has a small footprint for a home workstation. Add to that the portable nature of our ergonomic solutions – ultra-light and compact – making them the ideal companion for your daily work essentials.

Image of the Standivarius Etra laptop stand in an office setting


Setting up your workspace should evoke comfort and pride. We ourselves appreciate aesthetics and we place great emphasis on the appearance of our products, even if we sometimes blush admitting it. Ergonomics, although not known for their beauty, can produce incredible results.

Here is a challenge: When you hold your new Etra stand for the first time and you’re not impressed by its look and feel, we’ll send you a mouse. On us.

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