A Healthy Collaboration

Our products and solutions are, in a significant part, the result of the collaboration with ergonomic specialists, physiotherapists, DSE assessors, and other health specialists. Employing the correct principles related to workplace ergonomics are the prerequisite for any solution that would work for our users.

We invite you, the professional ergonomists, to join us through the Partnership Programme in a mutual benefit framework.

Why Partner with Standivarius

1. Added Value: Enhance your services by recommending ergonomic and user-friendly products to your clients, designed with their comfort and efficiency in mind.

2. Shared Vision: Our commitment to improving workplace well-being aligns perfectly with the goals of ergonomists, making our partnership a natural fit.

3. High-Quality Products: Our ergonomic solutions are designed and produced in the European Union, ensuring excellent build quality and durability.

4. Lifetime Warranty: We stand by our products, offering a lifetime warranty on our laptop stands, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

5. Expertise and Support: We provide ongoing support to our partners, including product training and access to our team of specialist ergonomists for any queries or advice.

6. Trust and Credibility: Our products are certified by independent ergonomic organizations such as FIRA-UK and IGR-Germany, ensuring credibility and reliability.

How we would appreciate your help

1. As a Standivarius partner, you can expect a relationship built on trust, support, and mutual growth. Our collaboration may include:

2. Recommending Standivarius products to your clients to address their ergonomic needs.

3. Providing feedback and insights to help us develop and refine our product offerings.

4. Participating in joint marketing efforts to promote the benefits of ergonomic solutions and our partnership.

5. Engaging in knowledge-sharing sessions to stay updated on the latest ergonomic trends and best practices.

Join Our Network

As an ergonomist or health professional, your expertise is invaluable. Collaborate with Standivarius to combine your knowledge with our ergonomic solutions and make a significant impact on workplace health. 

Discover how our products can complement your services and help your clients achieve better well-being. Reach out to learn more about our partnership program and how we can work together towards a healthier work environment.

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