Warranty Policy

Q1: What is the warranty period for STANDIVARIUS Products?

Unless otherwise specified, the warranty period for STANDIVARIUS products is 2 years from the moment of purchase.


Q2: Who is covered?

This warranty covers the purchaser of this laptop stand and anyone else who owns it during the warranty period.


Q3: What is the STANDIVARIUS Warranty Policy for Laptop Stands?

The STANDIVARIUS  products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the purchase. If a product fails due to a manufacturing defect in the warranty period, we will repair the product, without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper use or care, negligence or normal wear and tear. Damage not covered under warranty will be repaired for a reasonable rate and a fee will be charged for return shipping.
Detailed explanation of what is covered under the Warranty Policy.


a. Aluminium panel

STANDIVARIUS Laptop Stands are manufactured using only very high quality materials tested in the most hursh environments.

Defects in the panel material such as exfoliation of the component layers are covered by the warranty.

The bonding between the aluminium panel components of the laptop stand are covered by this warranty.
Un-bonding caused by misuse such as bending of the panel are not covered by the warranty.

In spite of the extreme thinness of the aluminium panel, it resists to the weight of all the laptops available in the market. Therefore, permanent bending of the panel caused by applied forces exceeding the maximum allowed weight, mishandling  or accidental damage are not covered by this warranty.

The body material of each LS was treated with a special coating (anodizing) to provide an increase resistance to scratches. However, if the laptop stand enters in contact with sharp objects, the coating can be damaged permanently. Such permanent scratches are not covered by the warranty.
Other superficial scratches caused during contact between the Laptop Stand and other non-sharp objects are not covered by warranty and are subject to self service. Exfoliation of the coating is covered by the warranty.


b. Hinges

The hinges have a 2-years Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
All the hinges in the Laptop Stand are made of a material (polypropylene copolymer) very resistant to stress such as repeated bending and to chemical agents.
The warranty is granted only if the hinge is broken or damaged because of tearing resulted from normal usage.
Any signs of piercing, forced tearing or cut with sharp objects (such as blade) visible on the product are not covered by the warranty.


c. Small Parts

In the case that the laptop stand returns for warranty service to us, all the parts or  mentioned in the Small Parts section will be replaced or remedied by us free or charge if required. The replacement is conditioned by the availability in stock of the parts or customer’s consent for a delay in returning until part(s) available.

Loss or any damage of the rubber feet are not covered by the warranty. Identical Rubber Feet parts are available for sale in the Shop section of the website standivarius.com for self service (by you).

Loss or any damage of the velcro connectors that attach aero laptop stand to the laptop are not covered by the warranty. Identical velcro connectors are available for sale in the Shop section of the website standivarius.com for self service (by you).

Loss or any damage of the magnet parts are not covered by the warranty. Identical Magnet Feet parts are available for sale in the Shop section of the website standivarius.com for self service (by you).


Q4: What is STANDIVARIUS Warranty Policy for the keyboards and mice?

The warranty offered for keyboards and mice is one year from the moment you purchase them.

VERY IMPORTANT: Because the keyboard and mouse are paired with the dongle provided, in case or return for repairs or exhange, you must ship all 3 parts together. Failure to do so will mean that your warranty or repair case will be put on hold until all parts are available to our premises.

Question Mark Ergonomics warrants the STANDIVARIUS keyboards and mice to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period from the date of original retail purchase. Question Mark Ergonomics will replace any defective STANDIVARIUS keyboards and mice, provided that the keyboard is returned, shipping prepaid, to Question Mark Ergonomics, during the warranty period.

This Limited Warranty does not extend to any products that have been damaged as a result of accident, misuse, abuse or as a result of service or modification by anyone other than Question Mark Ergonomics. This limited warranty does not extend to the use of this product with any equipment other than the equipment for which it is designed.


Q5: What remedy is being offered?

According to the warranty for the parts described in Laptop Stands and Keyboards & mice sections, we assume the responsibility to remedy the defects on our own cost for the period the warranty is valid.
For the products under warranty, we will cover all the costs related to the materials, labor and insured shipment to you of the remedied product.
F or the parts that can be replaced, we will use new parts or parts that are at least in the same functional and visual state as the replaced ones.


Q6: Is normal wear and tear covered by warranty?

We manufacture all of our products to meet our superior standards. However, regardless of how carefully you use, or how well you care for your STANDIVARIUS Laptop Stand, it will eventually begin to show signs of usage and wear. The STANDIVARIUS warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, but it does not cover normal wear and tear.


Repair Guidelines

Q1: Will my Laptop Stand be repaired or replaced?

If your product by STANDIVARIUS fails due to a manufacturing or workmanship defect during the warranty period, our first option will be to repair the item, free of charge. If the product is not repairable, or if the cost of repairing the item exceeds the cost of a new one, we will replace it.


Q2: How do I send my STANDIVARIUS Laptop Stand in for repair?

For products bought directly from Standivarius.com website:

a. Login to you account on standivarius.com and explain the details of the problem. All the Warranty Requests have to be submitted through this form.
b. The Request will be analyzed by us and we will advice on the matter (including providing a Repair Order Number if the case).
c. You will ship the defective product accompanied by the Repair Order Number. Failure to do so will make the matching between your product and your case much longer. The shipping costs (including charges, taxes, or duties) must be assumed by you (prepaid). Also you have to assume the damage or loss during shipping to us.
d. Once received by us, we will send by email the confirmation and an estimated date for remedy.
e. The Product will be repaired at our costs if covered by the Warranty. The replacing parts will be new or in a condition at least as good as the one send by you and in functional condition.
f. The shipping cost back to you is assumed by us. We will use registered mail to insure the traceability.
Please note that the Products that are sent to us for repair that we identified during inspection as not being defective or that the defect is other than one covered by Warranty, the costs of repair and the shipping costs will be supported by you.
We would prefer that you send the item using a shipping method that will provide you with a tracking number, and require a signature upon delivery. Please make sure that the shipping is prepaid and the package is insured for full replacement value.

Our normal turnaround time for repairs is about two weeks, usually less. This excludes the shipping time to you. If this turnaround time becomes a problem for you, tell us. We can sometimes “rush” repairs through for special situations. Just let us know.


Q3: Should I insure my product when I mail it in?

Please insure your Products for its full value when you send it to us. Use a shipping method that provides a tracking number and requires a signature upon delivery, to ensure that your product will arrive safely to us.


Q4: Who pays for shipping?

As stated in our Warranty Policy, the customer pays the shipping charges to send products to the Warranty Department. We will absorb the return shipping charges. If you request that we return your product by Express Mail, the additional shipping charges will be billed to you. Shipping charges for all non-warranty repairs are at the owner’s expense.


Q5: What do repairs cost?

The cost of non-warranty repairs varies from one repair to another, depending on the parts and times required for replacement. An assessment will be sent to you once the product is with us.


Limitation of Liability