Break free from standard keyboards

Break free from standard keyboards

Sleek wireless functionality, effortless portability.

Break free from standard keyboards

Sleek wireless functionality, effortless portability.

a user happily and worry-free typing on the Standivarius Solo X

Built to keep going

Your equipment’s durability should be the last thing on your mind. solo X is manufactured with the same high quality and reliability standards found in all Standivarius products – so you can stay focused on the task at hand.

A delight with every key press

Switching to a standard keyboard when you’ve gotten so used to your laptop’s keyboard ruins the typing experience. solo X adopts a scissor structure for the keys, ensuring a typing experience similar to premium laptops. 1.8mm key travel distance, ultra-quiet, and 55gr constant actuation pressure – the attributes of a solid and sophisticated keyboard.

a female user working and typing on the Standivarius Solo X compact keyboard in her home office

Better posture is still key

Besides portability, the compact form factor of the solo X is intended to be used alongside an ergonomic mouse (link to Ave mouse). The right shoulder and elbow are aligned with the mouse so there’s no continuous strain on the wrist and the back muscles.

Ultra-portable – in the truest sense of the word

Narrowing down to only 6mm in thickness and weighing just 250 grams, the solo X is as thin and light as a functional keyboard can be, making it travel ready. 

close up photo of the Standivarius Solo X’s body's sleek lines

Refined and minimalist design

solo X is a testament to the saying ‘less is more’: smooth lines and matt keys housed in an anodized aluminum body. Elegance from simplicity and clean design.

Over 100.000 people in the UK choose Standivarius

We aim to take the pain away from your workday with well-researched solutions that bring more flexibility to your routine.


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ergonomic wireless mouse

 pivotable doc holder

rotating 3-port 2.0 USB hub

  • Compact keyboards allows you to work with your arms much closer to the centre-line of your body

  • This minimises stretching and so has a positive effect on discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders

  • The flatter keys helps reduce the amount of effort required to press the keys, leading to less finger fatigue

Keyboards: WEEE Certification & Carbon Neutrality

  • WEEE Certified Excellence: Our keyboards aren’t just about seamless typing; they meet the highest WEEE standards, ensuring responsible e-waste management and recycling.

  • Green Typing Experience: Every keystroke contributes to a healthier planet. Our keyboards are crafted for minimal environmental impact, aligning with our carbon neutrality goals.

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