Why choose between function and style?

Why choose between function and style?

With Etra, embrace pivoting design and sleek ergonomics for unmatched productivity.

Why choose between function and style?

With Etra, embrace pivoting design and sleek ergonomics for unmatched productivity.

a laptop on the Standivarius Etra laptop stand that's on a home office ; there is a document on the inline document holder.

A Cut Above 

Impeccable in even the finest of details, the Etra laptop stand goes beyond the ergonomic scope, catering to the demands of professionals: refined aesthetics, best in class features, and ease of use.

Corrects your posture 

Lockable across 4 positions up to 55 degrees, the Etra easily adapts to your different sit and desk settings. Once set to the right height, the stand will prevent you from sliding back into a hunched position.

a close up of the Standivarius Etra laptop stand's height adjustments
a woman focused on her work with a laptop on the Standivarius Etra laptop stand with a document on the inline document holder

The better the focus, the better the quality of work 

It’s a brilliant day when you’ve been highly productive and work was effortless. By removing the distractions and stresses that cause friction in daily work, Etra allows you to concentrate on the task at hand, providing you with more purpose-filled days.

In-line document holder 

Consulting documents and writing on paper without stretching sideways prevents back and neck pain. With the Etra’s document holder, your keyboard, papers, and the laptop’s display are all naturally aligned. In line with the best ergonomic practices, everything is well organized and within reach. The holder also acts as a tablet or phone support, with a convenient cutout for the charging cable.

close up of the Standivarius Etra laptop stand's inline document holder highlighting the minimalist lines

Proper Ergonomics Affect Workplace Health

Poor workplace ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, significantly impacting the European workforce. MSDs are among the most common work-related ailments, affecting millions of workers across Europe. (from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

Form & Function

Ultra-portability. Unparallelled ease of use. An integrated document holder for enhanced productivity. All in one stunning and gorgeous design that’s inspired by a minimalist approach to aesthetics. Like all our products, form is of equal importance with function.
The Etra is our masterpiece.

a shot of Standivarius Etra on a working desk

Reliability for a Lifetime​

The stand is designed and manufactured in the EU with aerospace-grade aluminium, making it both lightweight and robust. It will easily take you through a few laptop upgrades with no reliability issues. 

Integrating Sustainability with Ergonomics

One of our goals is to contribute to a cleaner, greener world. To achieve this, we ensure our packaging is crafted from recycled paper and our travel sleeves are made from recycled leather- all 100% recyclable. These are just a few of the initiatives we’ve embraced. Discover more in our Sustainability Report.

rotating 3-port 2.0 USB hub

ergonomic wireless mouse

wireless rechargeable keyboard

  • A versatile ergonomic accessory designed to comply with European health & safety regulations

  • Assists the user in proper posture to prevent back and neck pain

  • Ensures that the laptop screen’s height is on the same level as the user’s eyes

Laptop Stands: Full-Circle Responsibility & Cradle-to-Grave Recycling

  • Eco-Conscious Engineering: Every Standivarius laptop stand is designed with the planet in mind, from raw materials to end-of-life recycling, embodying our full-circle responsibility commitment.

  • Sustainable Lifecycle: We ensure our laptop stands journey through a sustainable life cycle, with a cradle-to-grave approach that minimizes environmental impact at every stage.

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