Solutions for Hybrid Workers

The keys to achieving a successful hybrid work environment

The essentials in office and hybrid mobility

The hybrid work model has become the new standard in work environments, replacing the traditional models that have been made somewhat dated in today’s global age. Hybrid work has a lot of positive impact on workers. But it’s not without its difficulties and challenges.

Given the ‘everywhere’ nature of hybrid work, there is an inconsistency in workstations. Another difficulty is using heavy, bulky, and poorly made equipment that oftentimes are left to gather dust at home.

Standivarius provides what the modern worker needs to regain the benefits of working at an office, and to integrate those benefits into your homes or wherever we need to do your work.

Consistent Work Environment

Achieving balance in a hybrid work environment can be quite difficult, with the constant transition from office to home and back again. Factor in the need to work in places where ergonomics is unheard of.

Standivarius provides solutions to ensure that the same ergonomic and productive effects can be experienced wherever possible.

Providing you with the flexibility that you need

The ergonomic tools you’re using should be versatile enough for the constant shift in office location. Not all workstations are designed the same, and you may have undoubtedly experienced constant frustrations with the constant shifting from one desk to the other.

With the height adjustability and small desk footprint of our ergonomic solutions, your frustrations will be lessened allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Portable and Durable

The constant travel from one workplace to another requires equipment that are light enough for everyday carry in a bag, and durable enough to withstand daily use wherever possible.

Standivarius’s ergonomic solutions ticks all the boxes and, in addition, comes with a lifetime warranty to give you extra peace of mind.

Ready to give it a try?

Discover Standivarius’ range of ergonomic solutions, designed with professionals like you in mind.

Explore our products and see how we can collaborate to make a difference in people’s work environments and overall health. Take advantage of our 30 days risk-free Trial Program, money back guarantee.

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