Mobility for the hybrid office

Ergonomic laptop stands

Oryx evo D

thin laptop stand with integrated document holder

All purpose premium laptop holders

standivarius Oryx Pro - hybrid tablet / laptop stand

Oryx Pro

hybrid laptop / tablet stand

standivarius aero evo - attachable laptop stand

aero evo

attachable laptop stand


attachable laptop stand

standivarius Oryx evo variants

Oryx evo variants

with inline doc holder

Specialised laptop / tablet stands

Oryx evo E

for Macbook pro

Surface / Tab Stand

for Microsoft Surface Pro and and Go

Laptop stands and document holders are designed and manufactured in Europe to meet standards of ergonomic excellence recognised by renowned institutes

FIRA – Furniture Industry Research Association (UK)


Furniture Industry Research Association (UK)

IGR - Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie (Germany)


Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie (Germany)

standivarius UNO - attachable laptop stand

Lifetime Warranty

on standivarius manufactured laptop stands

Document holders

Libro H

wide, A3 foldable document holder

Libro K

Small footprint, foldable document holder

Keyboards and mice


compact, laptop-style, wireless, rechargeable keyboard

standivarius piano II BT - Bluetooth keyboard

piano II BT

portable bluetooth keyboard

standivarius piano II USB - USB compact keyboard

piano II USB

portable USB keyboard

standivarius AVE - ergonomic wireless mouse

AVE /’a:vei/

ergonomic wireless mouse

standivarius solo x - compact, wireless, rechargeable


compact, wireless, rechargeable

Work from home / office / everywhere

WFH cushion

memory foam posture cushion

Intelligent product design, environmentally conscious production and zero waste packaging

minimalist design, low part numbers

to reduce waste in production

100% recclable paper packaging

lifetime warranty

product longevity = low carbon footprint

It is standivarius’ policy to minimize the effects of its operations upon the environment and to encourage the conservation of resources:

  • minimalist product design, low part numbers reduce waste in production
  • high quality materials and production methods ensuring long lifespan of products to reduce carbon footprint.
  • conscious packaging design using 100% recycled paper for own products and 100% recycleable for our entire product portfolio demonstrating our commitment to the circular economy
100% recycled paper for packaging

for all our laptop stands

100% recycled paper packaging

100% recyclable paper packaging

for our entire product portfolio