attachable laptop stand: ergonomics directly integrated with your laptop

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Attachable ergonomic device


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Height adjustable ergonomic device

Height adjustable

Attachable laptop stand at its highest elevation

Attachable laptop stands have been around for a while, but none can achieve a high elevation and stability, remaining in the same time just 1.2 mm thick. This is what makes UNO the right solution for a truly mobile user.

Technical specifications

Laptop height settings: 43 to 55 degrees, 5 adjustments
Weight: 95 g
Suits laptops: 10-17 inch screen diagonal, up to 4 kg
Usage: attached to the bottom of the laptop
Footprint on desk: min. 160 x 278 mm
Colour: natural aluminium
Size when folded: 200 x 278 x 1.2 mm
Product code: ST1060U

Laptop stand ergonomics

  • A complete solution complying with and exceeding the European ergonomic regulations
  • Created with user friendliness in mind: instant setup and pack away, lightweight and thin for true mobility, adjustable elevation and inclination of the screen
  • Refined design, minimalist but very sturdy, guaranteed against malfunction for life

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