Your dual screen routine is back

Your dual screen routine is back

Now ultra-portable and ergonomic

Double the View, Double the Productivity

Our new X-stand offers a secure and ergonomic setup for double monitors

Universal Compatibility and Secure Elevation

The X-Stand raises your devices—be it iPads, tablets, or smartphones—to the perfect eye level using a secure magnetic attachment system similar to MagSafe technology. This feature ensures a safe and stable platform for any device, enhancing both usability and your viewing comfort.

Enhanced Productivity

Optimize your productivity with the X-Stand’s dual monitor compatibility. Its portable design allows you to set up an efficient workspace anywhere, catering to the needs of professionals on the go who require a versatile and reliable viewing setup.

Customizable Comfort

Adjust the X-Stand to fit your personal comfort preferences with easy customization of height and tilt. Set your monitors at the ideal eye level and angle, reducing the risk of neck strain, thus promoting a healthier work posture throughout the day.

Convenient Storage with Durable Case

The X-stand comes with a hard case that not only protects your stand but also provides extra storage space for essentials like cables and adapters. This practical feature ensures that all your workspace necessities are compact and easily accessible.

Proper Ergonomics Affect Workplace Health

Poor workplace ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, significantly impacting the European workforce. MSDs are among the most common work-related ailments, affecting millions of workers across Europe. (from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

Compact and Portable Ergonomics

The X-Stand offers seamless versatility, easily transitioning from the office to home or on the go. Constructed from premium, lightweight materials, it provides a sturdy and stylish solution that conveniently fits into its own durable hard case. The sleek, modern design not only complements your professional workspace but also promotes a clutter-free environment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your productivity.

Designed for Dynamics

While the primary aim of the X-Stand is to enhance the stability and ergonomics of dual-monitor setups, its design goes beyond mere functionality. The X-Stand features a minimalist and intuitive design that makes setup and storage effortless. It is built from high-quality, lightweight materials, ensuring it is both portable for easy transport and sturdy enough for stable support. The stand features a magnetic attachment, allowing for quick and tool-free assembly, making it ideal for professionals who value both form and function in their workspace setup.

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Material aluminum alloy + ABS
Height max. 55 cm
Connector MagSafe-type Magnet
Folded length 20 cm
Colour black
Weight 212 g
Product code ST-XSTDT-B

laptop stand with doc holder

ergonomic wireless mouse

wireless rechargeable keyboard

  • A versatile ergonomic accessory designed to comply with European health & safety regulations

  • Assists the user in proper posture to prevent back and neck pain

  • Ensures that the laptop screen’s height is on the same level as the user’s eyes

Laptop Stands: Full-Circle Responsibility & Cradle-to-Grave Recycling

  • Eco-Conscious Engineering: Every Standivarius laptop stand is designed with the planet in mind, from raw materials to end-of-life recycling, embodying our full-circle responsibility commitment.

  • Sustainable Lifecycle: We ensure our laptop stands journey through a sustainable life cycle, with a cradle-to-grave approach that minimises environmental impact at every stage.

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