stand for portable monitors

ergonomic portable double monitor setup, as most people like and are used to work

the entire ergonomic setup weighs less than 1.5 kg (excluding the laptop)

and easily fits in a standard laptop bag

The Double Monitor Concept

A full featured ergonomic and perfectly portable workplace without any loss of productivity. The new setup, in addition to using a laptop and a second monitor, features a laptop stand, a stand for portable monitors, a keyboard and a mouse.

No compromises. It is your well-being at stake. And your well-doing as well.

Technical specifications

Screen height: 420 mm
Footprint on desk: 260 x 210 mm
Size when folded: 330 x 210 x 4.8 mm
Weight: 330 g
Colour: natural aluminium
Product code: ST-XSTD-S

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User Instructions

User Instructions

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Product Profile

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Product images

Work from home has never been easier, more productive and less intrusive.

Set up your workplace at home in … no time

… and when you are done, pack away everything and reclaim your home

The Ergonomics of the Double Monitor

  • A versatile ergonomic double monitor solutioned designed to comply with European health & safety regulations
  • Created with the user in mind: instant setup and pack away, lightweight and thin for true mobility, easily adjustable screen elevation and inclination
  • Refined design, minimalist but very sturdy, guaranteed against malfunction for life

There are quite a few types of portable monitors out there and standivarius has designed and tested successfully quite a few stands with quite a few portable monitor models.

Tell us about your project, about the type and make of portable monitors that own or plan to buy. We’ll gladly assist you with the proper ergonomic stand for it. Just talk to us, no commitment on your side at all.