Ready for your daily use. Anywhere.

Ready for your daily use. Anywhere.

The classic laptop keyboard, now made portable

Messy workstations are a thing of the past

It’s wireless freedom with the familiar touch of laptop keys

the Standivarius Piano II keyboard on a work desk

No frills, just exactly what you need

The Piano II BT aims to help you accomplish tasks in an efficient and healthy way. No fanciness, just the classic keyboard layout found in laptops. Switching from a laptop keyboard to the Piano goes smoothly.

Compact Bluetooth keyboard

The Piano II BT offers wireless capabilities that will work not just with a laptop, but also your tablet and phone. 

close up of the Standivarius Piano II’s keys

Comfort is key…

The Piano II BT has flatter keys, in contrast to traditional keyboards with taller keys. This provides a more comfortable typing experience, reducing the strain on your wrists.

Over 100.000 people in the UK choose Standivarius

We aim to take the pain away from your workday with well-researched solutions that bring more flexibility to your routine.


Batteries 2 x AAA (not included)
Colour black
Net weight and size 300 g; 285 x 118 x 18 mm
Package weight and size 350 g; 290 x 125 x 25
Product code ST352020
EAN 0 601577 559382

ergonomic laptop stand

A3 doc & book holder

rotating 3-port 2.0 USB hub

  • Compact keyboards allows you to work with your arms much closer to the centre-line of your body

  • This minimises stretching and so has a positive effect on discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders

  • The flatter keys helps reduce the amount of effort required to press the keys, leading to less finger fatigue

Keyboards: WEEE Certification & Carbon Neutrality

  • WEEE Certified Excellence: Our keyboards aren’t just about seamless typing; they meet the highest WEEE standards, ensuring responsible e-waste management and recycling.

  • Green Typing Experience: Every keystroke contributes to a healthier planet. Our keyboards are crafted for minimal environmental impact, aligning with our carbon neutrality goals.

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Messy workstations are a thing of the past

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