Free your space from wires without losing accuracy

Free your space from wires without losing accuracy

Embrace simplicity and mobility with
a wireless optical mouse

a close up of the Standivarius Hi! Wireless Optical Mouse

An ergonomic laptop mouse

The Hi! Mouse’s design allows for both left- and right-hand users to comfortably accomplish daily work tasks.

Free from wires

With the Hi! Mouse’s wireless capabilities courtesy of the included micro receiver, there’s freedom from cluttered wires for a hassle-free mobile workspace.

closeup of the Standivarius Hi! Mouse’s buttons and scroll wheel

Change is just a press away

Changing DPI settings on the Hi! Mouse’s is a breeze courtesy of the conveniently placed DPI selector. 

Lasts a long time

The Hi! Mouse employs an intelligent power saving feature that guarantees longer mouse use on a single AA battery.

Integrating Sustainability with Ergonomics

One of our goals is to contribute to a cleaner, greener world. To achieve this, we ensure our packaging is crafted from recycled paper and our travel sleeves are made from recycled leather- all 100% recyclable. These are just a few of the initiatives we’ve embraced. Discover more in our Sustainability Report.

ergonomic laptop stand

compact bluetooth keyboard

A3 doc & book holder

  • Symmetrical design for left and right handed users

  • Rubberised grip for improved comfort

Mice: WEEE Certification & Carbon Neutrality

  • Eco-Friendly Clicks: Standivarius mice are designed for both precision and the planet. Complying with WEEE standards, we ensure responsible use and recycling of electronic components.

  • Carbon-Neutral Navigation: Navigate with peace of mind. Our mice align with Standivarius’s commitment to carbon neutrality, blending eco-conscious design with top-notch functionality.

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