Everywhere Ergonomics

Everywhere Ergonomics

Integrates with your laptop for the ultimate convenience in work mobility

Never forget your
laptop stand again

Integrates with your laptop for the ultimate convenience in work mobility

user happily and comfortably working on a laptop with the Standivarius aero evo stand attached

For Comfort 

Fully complying with European ergonomic regulations, the Aero evo raises your laptop screen enabling a comfortable work posture.

Integrated Ergonomics

The Aero evo stand attaches to your laptop for a comfortable and convenient experience. 

fully setup laptop with the Standivarius aero evo laptop stand connected
close up of the Standivarius aero evo’s 5 different height adjustments

Adjustable and adaptable to your needs

With its 5 adjustable height settings, the Aero evo can accommodate users with varying heights. It also suits laptops with up to 17 inches diagonal screen.

We support you by supporting your laptop

Using a laptop stand can alleviate neck strain by 17%. Our range of ergonomic solutions feature a lightweight adjustable design, so you can do your best work, comfortably.

True mobility for a truly mobile workspace 

The Aero evo is only 190g and 2.5mm thin, barely adding weight and heft to your laptop. Perfect for your daily commute.

a user holding a laptop that's attached to the Standivarius aero evo integrated laptop stand

A Seamless Fit

Designed to be an almost permanent companion to your high-end laptop, the Aero evo won’t look out of place thanks to its natural aluminium finish.

Proper Ergonomics Affect Workplace Health

Poor workplace ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, significantly impacting the European workforce. MSDs are among the most common work-related ailments, affecting millions of workers across Europe. (from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)


Laptop height settings 46 to 60 degrees, 5 adjustments
Suits laptops 12-17 inch screen diagonal, up to 5 kg
Footprint on table min. 170 x 238 mm
Size when folded 211 x 238 x 2.5 mm
Weight 190g
Usage attached to the bottom of the laptop
Colour natural aluminium
Product code ST101511

compact bluetooth keyboard

wireless optical mouse

rotating 3-port 2.0 USB hub

  • A versatile ergonomic accessory designed to comply with European health & safety regulations

  • Assists the user in proper posture to prevent back and neck pain

  • Ensures that the laptop screen’s height is on the same level as the user’s eyes

Laptop Stands: Full-Circle Responsibility & Cradle-to-Grave Recycling

  • Eco-Conscious Engineering: Every Standivarius laptop stand is designed with the planet in mind, from raw materials to end-of-life recycling, embodying our full-circle responsibility commitment.

  • Sustainable Lifecycle: We ensure our laptop stands journey through a sustainable life cycle, with a cradle-to-grave approach that minimizes environmental impact at every stage.

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