Home Office Is Not a Permanent Office

Reclaim Your Home Space Once Work Is Done

Work is work. Home is home.

Both work and home deserve distinction. Defining boundaries is key to achieving the distinction, especially when a dedicated space has become a luxury; failing to do so ends up in stress, lack of focus, and even burnout. Being able to set up a proper workplace and then easily pack it away is key to physically separating them. So, when work is done you can leave it behind and relax.

Good posture – not just for the office

The benefits of a compact workplace should not come at a painful cost for the back, neck, and arms. It should also mimic, as closely as possible, the ergonomic benefits of a proper office: comfortable, safe to use, and durable. Standivarius solutions, which have been certified by independent organizations and carry a lifetime warranty (*for all the laptop stands), can tick each criterion without concern.

A Step Further

The second screen has become one of the main upgrade/hardware choices for professionals, that has a high impact on productivity (link). While office buildings have the necessary space for such setups, a home can rarely offer this extravagance. Furthermore, the fixed nature of this construct means space must be allocated (semi-)permanently.

Standivarius is now offering a portable dual monitor, alongside the laptop screen, to achieve the productivity increase while maintaining a correct, straight posture. Of course, it’s also ready to go or packed away in just over a minute and still very compact.

Ergonomics As A Workplace Strategy

Musculoskeletal Disorders caused 8.9 million lost working days in the UK during 2019/20, underscoring the potential of ergonomic solutions to reduce absenteeism and improve overall productivity. (from the U.K.’s Health and Safety Executive)

Ready to give it a try?

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