Introducing the Standivarius Ergonomic Product Selector

Introducing the Standivarius Ergonomic Product Selector

Tailored Ergonomic Solutions at Your Fingertips

In this era of hybrid work, finding the right ergonomic tools—without sacrificing quality—can be a challenge. These tools must meet the demands for mobility, productivity, and well-being. It’s a personal journey, and we understand that. That’s why we developed the Standivarius Ergonomic Product Selector, a tool designed to deliver tailored recommendations based on your ergonomic needs. Whether you’re adjusting for height, the type of laptop you use, or its screen size, our selector is here to find the ideal solution for you.

Why Use Our Ergonomic Product Selector?


  • Personalized Recommendations: With your details such as your height and device type, our ergonomic product selector will guide you to the best ergonomic options specifically suited for you. Are you a tall person who has always found that standard laptop stands don’t elevate the screen enough, leaving your back hunched? The product selector could help you find the right stand, like the Oryx Evo H.
  • Ease of Use: The intuitive interface guides you through a simple process. Just check the box that matches your preferences. Are you a Microsoft Surface Pro user struggling to find a compatible stand for improved viewing angles? Worry no more! Simply select your device type, and the product selector will recommend exactly what you need – the KickStand!

We also offer a unique feature for our partners. The Standivarius Ergonomic Product Selector can be seamlessly integrated into your website, appearing as one of your native elements. This enriches your site by providing your customers with a valuable tool for their ergonomic needs directly on your platform.

How Our Ergonomic Product Selector Can Help Our Partners?


  • Seamless User Experience: Embed the ergonomic product selector into your website with ease and upgrade your customers’ journey without navigating them away.
  • Value Addition: By incorporating this tool on your site, you enhance user engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and potentially increase loyalty.

To explore how the Standivarius Ergonomic Product Selector can transform your workspace or enrich your website, visit Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of choosing the right ergonomic solutions.

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