Exclusive compatibility with the Microsoft Surface Pro

Exclusive compatibility with the Microsoft Surface Pro

the only portable ergonomic solution tailored for the popular device.

Exclusive compatibility with the Microsoft Surface Pro

the only portable ergonomic solution tailored for the popular device.

Flexibility comes at a cost

In spite of its versality, Surface Pro has been lacking always in one critical area: ergonomic friendliness. Unlike other laptops that can be easily raised with a stand, Surface Pro has a flexible keyboard which denies this option, therefore a bespoke solution is required. 

Kickstand adopts a unique mechanism that is a glove-like fit for the tablet.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Day long work bent over the keyboard puts a lot of strain on the back and neck. KickStand raises the screen at the correct level, allowing for a healthier posture. Surface Pro turns instantly in an ergonomic workplace.

Solid and stable

Made from aerospace grade aluminium composite, Kickstand has a lifetime warranty. It has been tested to last endless usage (*hinges resist 80.000 openings and closings), to accompany your Surface Pro even if you upgrade the tablet from v1 to v10. 

Unlike majority of the stands, KickStand holds upright the Surface Pro securely even if the tablet is used in touch mode. 

Premium sleeve

The included sleeve protects the stand and other devices in your bag from accidental scratches. The leather used is obtained through a special re-bonding process, resulting in a high grade finished product.

Proper Ergonomics Affect Workplace Health

Poor workplace ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, significantly impacting the European workforce. MSDs are among the most common work-related ailments, affecting millions of workers across Europe. (from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

Take it Anywhere

Like the Microsoft Surface Pro, the Kickstand was designed for mobility. Weighing 330gr and folding 5mm, the stand is lightweight and compact, fitting easily in any bag. Just right for on-the-go users who need a mobile ergonomic solution.


The Intuitive Design

While Kickstand main purpose is to addresses the known ergonomic shortcomings of the Microsoft Surface Pro, the stand will end up collecting dust if using it is a pain in itself. Born from the Standivarius design lab, Kickstand is minimalist and intuitive: it takes barely a few seconds to setup or pack away, fold flat when traveling and lock up securely when in use.

Integrating Sustainability with Ergonomics

One of our goals is to contribute to a cleaner, greener world. To achieve this, we ensure our packaging is crafted from recycled paper and our travel sleeves are made from recycled leather- all 100% recyclable. These are just a few of the initiatives we’ve embraced. Discover more in our Sustainability Report.

Kickstand & Freedom Setup with the MS Surface Pro

How to work ergonomically on the MS Surface Pro

keyboard for Surface Pro

ergonomic wireless mouse

A4 fold-away doc stand

  • A versatile ergonomic accessory designed to comply with European health & safety regulations

  • Assists the user in proper posture to prevent back and neck pain

  • Ensures that the laptop screen’s height is on the same level as the user’s eyes

Laptop Stands: Full-Circle Responsibility & Cradle-to-Grave Recycling

  • Eco-Conscious Engineering: Every Standivarius laptop stand is designed with the planet in mind, from raw materials to end-of-life recycling, embodying our full-circle responsibility commitment.

  • Sustainable Lifecycle: We ensure our laptop stands journey through a sustainable life cycle, with a cradle-to-grave approach that minimizes environmental impact at every stage.

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