Achieve Healthy Posture With Ultra-Portable Laptop Stands

Achieve Healthy Posture With Ultra-Portable Laptop Stands

It goes without saying that having bad posture while working on a laptop is not good for our health and productivity. Laptops, after all, forces users to hunch over and look downwards to see what’s on the screen. Prolonged laptop use without proper ergonomic aids such as laptop stands results in discomfort and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), with the likeliest parts of the body to be affected are the neck, back, and shoulders. Whether you’re working in a traditional office setup or in a hybrid work environment, having a healthy posture can aid in minimising discomfort and can result in long-term health issues and loss of productivity.

Bad Posture Compromises Health and Productivity

There have been numerous case studies and medical research proving that bad posture results in MSDs going back decades, and it has been a constant concern among users. Because of bad posture from laptop use, a user’s neck is not in a neutral position, and that places undue stress on the cervical spine which causes pain. Productivity is also compromised by the pain and discomfort associated with laptop use.

A Simple Technique

One of the many posture improvement techniques is simply to move. Getting up from the chair to stretch and walk around resets posture when the muscle and joints stiffen. To further improve our posture, exercising to strengthen our core and back muscles provides stability to the upper part of our bodies.

An Ergonomic Solution

Utilising a laptop stand in day-to-day work tasks also helps to minimise the health risks involved in prolonged laptop use. With a stand raising the screen to eye level, there wouldn’t be a need to hunch over, and users maintain a neutral neck position and reduce strain on the cervical spine. When choosing a laptop stand that’s right for us, its weight should be considered. In today’s hybrid work environment, a laptop stand must be lightweight so that it won’t cause additional shoulder and neck pain when we carry it in our bags.

Standivarius’ ultra-portable laptop stands tick all the boxes to minimise pain and discomfort: light, ergonomic, and height adjustable. Our stands such as the Oryx evo D and the Ergo Know-Me not only elevates the laptop and its screen, but their height can be adjusted to suit a user’s individual ergonomic needs, thereby optimizing posture and comfort. Height adjustability is one of the highlights of all our laptop stands as we believe that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method to not just laptop stands, but on ergonomics as a whole.

The Right One

Finding a method to achieve healthy posture at work can be a daunting task as there’s a lot to consider. By being proactive in taking steps to improve our posture, we can prolong our health and boost our work productivity. Using tools designed for portable office ergonomics such as Standivarius’ laptop stands are one of the steps, and finding the right one with the right features for your ergonomic needs is a great starting point.


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