The Natural Upgrade 

Wrist discomfort is avoidable with the right tools

Upgrade to an ergonomic mouse designed to fit your hand perfectly

a hand comfortably holding the Standivarius AVE /‘a:vei/ mouse

Natural hand-shake tilt

The AVE mouse’s ergonomic vertical design aims to correct the unnatural hand position that the classic mouse forces on you. The “hand shake” 58* angle inclination lowers the stress in the wrist and the risk of developing the painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome associated with long hours of mouse usage.

Delicate handling

Nothing is left out: a smooth glide on most of the desk surfaces, accurate positioning according to the application, silent clicks for less disturbance, pressure sensitive scrolling for the pleasure of browsing. Add in a soft rubbery grip to insure a hassle free experience over and over again

How healthy is using AVE /'a:vei/ ?

The use of ergonomic mice is associated* with 33% reduction in wrist pain among office workers.

(*Study published in European Journal of Applied Physiology)

Yet solid and build to last

The internal frame is reinforced to sustain accidental drops from desk level, while the buttons have been tested for 5 million silent clicks to give you a uniform interaction. The soft rubber cover is casted into the mouse body to prevent peeling over time.

Adjustable cursor speed

The DPI button (behind the wheel) quickly changes the pointer speed to suit different tasks: high speed (higher DPI) of the pointer for general use; low speed (lower DPI) of the pointer for precise drawing, photo editing, etc.

Simple Yet Stylish

AVE has a professional attire, with smooth lines sculpted to naturally fit the human body. The mouse aligns with the general Standivarius design concepts (link), to match the aesthetics of Standivarius portfolio.

Ergonomics As A Workplace Strategy

Musculoskeletal Disorders caused 8.9 million lost working days in the UK during 2019/20, underscoring the potential of ergonomic solutions to reduce absenteeism and improve overall productivity. (from the U.K.’s Health and Safety Executive)

pivotable doc holder

wireless rechargeable keyboard

stand for Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Vertical mouse promotes a neutral, handshake position.

  • Promotes whole arm movement using large the muscle groups of the upper arm and shoulder

  • Reduces the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Mice: WEEE Certification & Carbon Neutrality

  • Eco-Friendly Clicks: Standivarius mice are designed for both precision and the planet. Complying with WEEE standards, we ensure responsible use and recycling of electronic components.

  • Carbon-Neutral Navigation: Navigate with peace of mind. Our mice align with Standivarius’s commitment to carbon neutrality, blending eco-conscious design with top-notch functionality.

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