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adjustable book holder

Ergonomic device for holding documents

Document holder

Lightweight ergonomic device


Height adjustable ergonomic device

Height adjustable

Ergonomic device for use with a tablet

Tablet use

Ergonomic device for holding books

Book holder




Universal portable aluminium book holder

Designed to provide a correct in-line position with 3 height adjusting levels; offers excellent space saving by folding flat. It can be universally used as a tablet, laptop or a document holder.

Technical specifications

Height settings max. 51 degrees, 3 adjustments
Size when folded: 278 x 200 x 2 mm
Weight: 134 g
Colour: natural aluminium
Product code: ST201517

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Document and book holder ergonomics

  • A complete solution complying with and exceeding the European and UK ergonomic regulations
  • The document or book holder places the documents / books at a 45⁰-60⁰ angle between the keyboard and the monitor.
  • The appropriate placement of the book or document may eliminate strange head and neck postures causing fatigue, headaches and eye strain while allowing the user to be more efficient at work or do that longer.

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