Have a (comfortable) seat 

Ergonomics extend beyond
the office

Bring comfort to any seat, anywhere

a man sitting comfortably with WFH Comfor Cushion

For a more comfortable sitting position

The WFH Comfort Cushion, with its contoured shape for even weight distribution with zero-pressure tail bone cut-out, is specifically designed and dimensioned to improve posture on most users.

Universal use

An ergonomic seat cushion that improves comfort when used on dining chairs, folding-away chairs, kitchen stools, office chairs, wheelchairs, and car seats. 

close up of the Standivarius WFH Comfort Cushion's black velour cover

For daily and constant use 

The temperature-sensitive memory foam of the WFH Comfort Cushion is covered with a stretchable and washable black velour cover with a non-slip base. 

Over 100.000 people in the UK choose Standivarius

We aim to take the pain away from your workday with well-researched solutions that bring more flexibility to your routine.

portable A4 book holder

hybrid stand with doc holder

  • Designed and dimensioned to improve posture for most users

  • Contoured shape for even weight distribution

  • Zero-pressure coccyx cut-out for comfort

Cushion Seat: Washable Comfort & Eco-Conscious Durability

  • Clean Seating, Green Living: With washable features, Standivarius WFH Comfort Cushion they offer ease of maintenance while reducing the environmental toll often associated with frequent replacements.

  • Seating with a Smaller Carbon Footprint: Aligned with Standivarius’s carbon neutrality goals, these seats are produced with sustainable practices that minimize carbon emissions, ensuring that your comfort doesn’t come at the cost of the planet.

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