All the essentials

Assembling a full ergonomic workstation shouldn't be complex

Everything you need for a healthy setup,
in one package

Assembling a full ergonomic workstation shouldn't be complex

Everything you need for a healthy setup,
in one package

a laptop, Standivarius Oryx evo D, Standivarius Solo X keyboard, Standivarius Hi! Mouse, and Standivarius 3-Port Hub in an open laptop bag

All in one package

The Standivarius Ergo Kit comes with the Oryx evo D, a compact keyboard, the Hi! Wireless Optical Mouse, and the USB 3-Port Hub – all the makings of a complete ergonomic workstation that fits in one laptop bag.

Our bestseller included

The Ergo Kit comes with our best-selling Oryx evo D laptop stand that’s certified by the independent German ergonomic institute IGR – guaranteeing the highest standard for your comfort. 

a laptop with the Standivarius USB 3-Port Hub connected, the laptop is on the Standivarius Oryx evo D, also in the image is the Standivarius Piano II and Standivarius Hi! Wireless Mouse

Wired or Wireless. Your choice.

Aside from our Hi! Wireless Optical Mouse and USB 3-Port Hub, the Standivarius Ergo Kit comes with the solo X keyboard for the wireless option or Piano II keyboard for the wired option.

Ergonomics As A Workplace Strategy

Musculoskeletal Disorders caused 8.9 million lost working days in the UK during 2019/20, underscoring the potential of ergonomic solutions to reduce absenteeism and improve overall productivity. (from the U.K.’s Health and Safety Executive)

A4 fold-away doc stand

portable A4 book holder

contoured memory foam

  • Laptop Stand: Assists the user in proper posture to prevent back and neck pain

  • Compact keyboard: allows you to work with your arms much closer to the centre-line of your body

  • Mouse: Rubberised grip for improved comfort

Ergo Kits: Integrated Circular Design & Carbon-Neutral Workspace Solutions

  • Seamless Productivity with a Sustainable Edge: Our Standivarius Ergo Kits, are designed with the principles of circularity in mind. These kits not only enhance your workspace ergonomics but also promote the reuse and recycling of resources.

  • A Workspace that Cares for the Planet: With a focus on carbon-neutral production processes, these kits align perfectly with Standivarius’s pledge to reduce environmental impact. It provides an eco-friendly workspace solution, ensuring that your comfort and productivity are in harmony with our planet’s wellbeing.

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