Solutions for the Ergonomist and Physiotherapist

Partnering with you in our shared dedication for employee wellbeing

Collaboration in Voicing Workplace Health Concerns

Between better health and cost reductions, the latter too often wins. Organisations, commercial education systems, and government agencies are now more than ever under pressure to be more cost-efficient, and that motive will not go away anytime soon. There’s nothing wrong with that motivation, but the cost reductions too often come at the expense of health and safety. The voices raising these concerns are heard only when it’s too late.

Standivarius has had a long-standing reputation in sharing your dedication to improving health workplace wellbeing.

Ergonomic Principles

Standivarius’s goal: the highest adoption rate possible among users, without compromising ergonomics. Like you, our foundations are grounded in the wellbeing of others. The more users utilize proper ergonomic equipment, the more we can sleep better at night.

We take this goal very seriously. And with your help, our products can adhere to the most stringent of ergonomic certifications time and time again.

Innovative & Customisable Solutions

Hybrid work brings many challenges, and we address them. Grounded in scientific research and ergonomic principles, our solutions offer the adjustability and durability you seek to cater to individual needs, ensuring the highest level of comfort and functionality.

While a mobile office cannot match the standardised set-up of a fixed office, our products being lightweight, user-friendly, and height adjustable all in a durable body has the same beneficial effects.

Your Feedback Matters

Learning from experts and users on how to constantly improve our products is one of the reasons why we’ve become experts in the industry. By integrating your expert feedback, we have continually refined our products. All for the wellbeing of our clients.

Each Standivarius product is annually reviewed and has incorporated product feedback to our new designs.

Ready to give it a try?

Discover Standivarius’ range of ergonomic solutions, designed with professionals like you in mind.

Explore our products and see how we can collaborate to make a difference in people’s work environments and overall health. Take advantage of our 30 days risk-free Trial Program, money back guarantee.

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