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Portability + Ergonomic + Flexibility + Know How = A More Productive & Engaged Hybrid Team

Navigating the hybrid work environment

The hybrid work model has brought along many positives – but it also lowers productivity, increases sick leaves and employee demotivation resulting in a significant impact on the bottom line. 

With a full return to the office not imminent, solutions that ameliorate such negative trends become, over time, part of the management best practices for hybrid work. 

Standivarius, with almost a decade and a half of researching, designing, and manufacturing ergonomic tools and solutions fit for the mobile workplace, can assist in the bumpy road ahead.

Proper posture has direct impact on productivity

An easy to use, portable, and durable ergonomic solution can increase employee comfort with consistent results observed in general productivity reports.

Numerous studies show that a better posture increases the efficiency by 10-15% (*depending on a few factors), without even considering the decrease in sick leave days due to back and neck pain.

Flexibility of the workspace

Accounting for the multiple locations where employees do their work implies many variables, and the HR, IT, and Finance departments have to solve for the optimal compromise.

Equipment purposely built for mobility that easily adapts to a home table, a co-working space, or an office desk, significantly simplifies the decision-making without compromising correct posture.

Visible Return on Investment

A compact yet versatile solution that covers most of the requirements for a portable workstation significantly reduces the upfront investment. Regulation compliancy and ergonomic certification further diminishes the risks.

Well implemented, Standivarius solutions are returning results that consistently exceed those generated by general-purpose products.

Ready to give it a try?

Discover Standivarius’ range of ergonomic solutions, designed with professionals like you in mind.

Explore our products and see how we can collaborate to make a difference in people’s work environments and overall health. Take advantage of our 30 days risk-free Trial Program, money back guarantee.

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