All Your Devices, One Simple Solution

All Your Devices, One Simple Solution

Simplify your connections with the USB 3-Port Hub

the Standivarius USB 3-Port Hub connected to a laptop’s USB port

Plug & Play 

Connecting is easy and hassle-free. No software needed.

For your essential peripherals

The USB Hub has 3 ports – just enough for your often used devices and accessories. 

the Standivarius USB 3-Port Hub in various degrees of rotation

Spin to save space  

The hub itself can rotate to your preferred direction, adapting to your laptop or device. 

Over 100.000 people in the UK choose Standivarius

We aim to take the pain away from your workday with well-researched solutions that bring more flexibility to your routine.


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pivotable doc holder

ergonomic wireless mouse

wireless rechargeable keyboard

USB 3-Port Hub: Efficient Connectivity & Eco-Conscious Technology

  • Streamlined Tech with a Green Touch: Our Standivarius USB 3-Port Hub is designed for efficiency and minimal environmental impact, each hub is a testament to our commitment to sustainable tech solutions.

  • Carbon-Neutral Connectivity: This USB 3-Port Hub aligns with Standivarius’s carbon neutrality pledge, harnessing advanced technology to reduce carbon emissions without compromising on performance and utility.

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