Our Commitment to Quality, Ergonomics, and Sustainability

At Standivarius, we aim to offer ergonomic office solutions while maintaining quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. Our certifications are a testament to these efforts, benefiting our customers and society as a whole.

IGR Certified Ergonomics

The IGR (Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie) certification signifies that Standivarius products have been thoroughly assessed by ergonomic experts.
What It Means?
This ensures that our office solutions genuinely prioritize your health, comfort, and well-being. The IGR certification also helps raise awareness about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, promoting healthier practices for everyone.

FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award

Standivarius products have been recognized with the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award, confirming our commitment to the highest ergonomic standards.
What It Means?
This award offers reassurance that our products truly support your productivity and health. It also encourages the adoption of ergonomic solutions in the workplace, fostering a healthier work environment for all.

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ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001

Our adherence to the ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 standards demonstrates our dedication to quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety.
What It Means?
These certifications ensure the consistent quality of our products while minimizing our environmental impact and promoting a safe work environment. This commitment helps cultivate a culture of responsibility and sustainability within the industry.

WEEE Compliant

Standivarius is fully compliant with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations, meaning our products are designed with recycling and proper waste disposal in mind.
What It Means?
By choosing Standivarius, you support responsible end-of-life disposal, reducing electronic waste and contributing to a cleaner environment for future generations.
Our certifications at Standivarius reflect our values and the benefits they bring to our customers and the world. Explore our range of certified ergonomic office solutions to experience the difference.

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