Document and Book Holders: Unsung Heroes In The Workspace

Document and Book Holders: Unsung Heroes In The Workspace

Despite being the most overlooked ergonomic tools in modern workplaces, there is still room for document and book holders even in today’s fast-paced digital work environment. After all, not all tasks require exclusive use of electronic devices such as laptops, with physical documents still playing a vital role in day-to-day work. If you’re one of those who reference books and physical documents such as spreadsheets or reports, is discomfort and constant neck and back pain a constant in your daily work routine?

For Ergonomics…

Numerous studies have shown that not utilising ergonomic laptop stands significantly increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. The same applies to not using document and book holders. With holders raising work documents to eye level, the need for constant neck and back movements are greatly reduced, thereby decreasing the pain involved in repeatedly looking down on reference materials and back up at the screen.

…and A Boost In Productivity and Multitasking

Aside from the proven and tested ergonomic benefits, document and book holders are not just crucial tools that promotes proper posture. The holders are also integral for an efficient workflow. These ergonomic solutions are effective aids in multitasking, productivity, and efficiency especially in situations that require paperwork and books for data entry or for cross-referencing information. For instance, with the reference material in line with a laptop or computer screen, there’s less valuable time spent looking up and down the screen and the material. This improves the work experience by allowing for a quicker and more accurate data input.

Document and book holders, additionally, minimises desk clutter. With the reading materials propped up by holders, valuable desk real estate is freed up, thus aiding in a cleaner and more organized workspace. With hybrid workspaces now being the norm and working in cafes and co-working spaces being part of our work culture, the document and book holder must be thin and light enough for everyday carry. Whether the holder accompanies a laptop in a backpack during daily commute, or in a messenger bag along with books, its mobility is important.

The Standivarius’ Libro Series

All our Standivarius ergonomic solutions are designed not only with mobility in mind, but also with adaptability, durability, and ease of use. The Libro series are no exception. With its 3 variants, the Libro series ticks all the boxes for a hassle-free experience.

The Libro B is the portable ergonomic solution for users who require referencing and transcribing books for work. With its 3 height adjustments and a surface that accommodates books up to A4 size in horizontal orientation, it provides users with the proper ergonomic position that ensures the optimal comfort and the efficiency that are beneficial in daily tasks. It also makes for a stunning book stand for casual reading.

For larger documents, there’s the Libro H portable document and book holder. Its A3-sized surface width can accommodate larger papers and spreadsheets. With the Libro H’s 5 height adjustment levels, it matches all height and angle requirements for a comfortable and productive multitasking experience. It’s not just for physical documents as it can also be used for tablets – a bonus.

The last on the Libro series is the Libro K A4 foldaway stand is designed for reading or referencing documents in a vertical orientation. The stand also features a low angle setting for writing and tablet use for maximum efficiency.

Integrated for Comfort and Multitasking

And for even more efficiency, the Standivarius Etra premium laptop stand, as well as the stands on our Oryx Evo series, features an in-line document holder that’s integrated into the stand. These holders ensure that any documents that you’re referencing are in line with the laptop’s screen, allowing for an even better productivity and multitasking experience.

Depending on your needs, a document and book holder or a laptop stand with a built-in holder can undoubtedly enhance your workflow to its full potential. With the right ergonomic tools significantly reducing neck and back pain, you can spend longer hours being productive and efficient in work. And with the right solutions, multitasking and work proficiency comes naturally.

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