Document Holder and Laptop Stand: A Perfect Synergy

Document Holder and Laptop Stand: A Perfect Synergy

Ergonomics has played such an integral role in office culture. So much so that the two are often mentioned in the same breath, with today’s offices emphasizing and putting a premium on the health benefits and productivity that results in proper ergonomics. When looking for the ideal workstation setup, laptop stands often make for the key element in enhancing workplace ergonomics. But what about tasks that require the use of physical documents and reference materials? Oftentimes when these are requirements in our daily work tasks, ergonomics stops being part of the conversation.  

Why A Document Holder? 

Referencing or transcribing handwritten documents to a desktop computer or a laptop forces us to uncomfortably hunch over again and again. It repeatedly puts strain on the neck and the back, which in time leads to musculoskeletal disorders. For these sorts of tasks, document holders are the ergonomic solutions to be used. A document holder serves the same purpose as a laptop stand, in which both ergonomic tools raise the work implements (the screen for the laptop stand, and paperwork for the holder). These are used to prevent users from slouching and hunching over for a more comfortable experience. With reference material raised by a document holder, better posture is achieved for both an ergonomic and productive daily work experience.  

The Perfect Mix 

When the work task requires referencing and transcribing documents to a laptop, combining the tried and tested solution that is the laptop stand and a document holder becomes the perfect ergonomic arrangement. With both the laptop’s screen and the document raised at eye level, there isn’t a need to tilt the head downwards or turn it sideways. With the reference document within line of sight, all a user needs to do is to shift their eyes towards the document and back to the laptop without having to move the neck. This alleviates the neck pain involved in such repeated movements. 

The laptop and document holder synergy as part of the daily work routine isn’t just for enhancing workplace ergonomics. The combination also has a positive effect on productivity and efficiency. With the documents and the laptop’s screen at the optimal angles, tasks are streamlined, and the time spent searching for information is greatly reduced. 

The combined use of a laptop stand and a document holder also results in clutter-free workspace. With a document holder such as the Standivarius Libro B’s small footprint providing for a streamlined desk organization. A work desk that’s well-organised can improve mental performance, productivity, and efficiency. By removing annoying clutter that keeps us from being productive and efficient, our brain can focus more on daily tasks. 


On-The Go Synergy 

These two ergonomic workstation solutions are also perfect for the mobile professional. The aforementioned Standivarius Libro B and the other document holders in the Libro series are thin and lightweight. The same goes for all the laptop stands in the Standivarius line such as the Stand-art and the Ergo-Know-Me: thin and lightweight for great portability that fits in a laptop bag without any issues, and an unmatched ease of use factor that doesn’t require any fiddling with knobs or buttons. Our documents stand can also be used for tablets, giving you added adaptability should your reference or resource material is in a tablet. 

And for the users’ peace of mind when working outside of the office such as in cafes or co-working spaces, all of the Standivarius laptop stands and document holders are made to last and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Must-Have Solution For The Perfect Workstation 

When listing down the essentials of what an ideal workstation setup should be, a laptop stand and a document holder should be on that list. The comfort and productivity boost when these two are used separately is immediately noticed, what more when used together for daily tasks? The ergonomic and productivity benefits aren’t the only considerations for utilizing a laptop stand and document holder setup – the two should also be light and thin for on-the-go use. Our laptop stands and document holders do not add much weight and heft inside a laptop bag or a backpack – a plus in terms of comfort.  

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