Oryx JR

The height adjustable design also allows the Oryx JR to raise the laptop or tablet to the proper height for kids. It is stable for touch-screen use.

Ergonomic device for use with laptop

Laptop use

Ergonomic device for use with a tablet

Tablet use

Lightweight ergonomic device


Height adjustable ergonomic device

Height adjustable

ergonomic device with document holder

Kids up to 15 yrs




A two in one hybrid laptop / tablet stand for use by kids at home and in school

The height adjustable design allows the Oryx JR to raise the laptop or tablet to a comfortable working position for kids and is stable for touch-screen use.

Laptop / tablet stand ergonomics for kids

  • A versatile ergonomic accessory designed to comply with European health & safety regulations
  • Created with the kids in mind: instant setup and pack away, lightweight and thin to be taken to school and back home, easily adjustable screen elevation and inclination
  • Refined design, minimalist but very sturdy, guaranteed against malfunction for life

The stand keeps the display of the laptop / tablet at an ergonomically appropriate height, ensuring a healthy working back posture

The built-in inline document holder keeps the upper body and head always towards display while working with an additional document

The stand works together with an external keyboard, both fitting easily in a school back pack. Only 400g light and 0.5 cm thin.

Technical specifications

Laptop height settings: 5 settings, max. inclination of 52 degrees
Tablet secured: with removeable nano-gel tab
Suits laptops: up to 17″ and 5.5 kg
Compact footprint on desk: only 200 x 210 mm
Tablet support height: 80-145 mm
Size when folded: 260 x 210 x 2.4 mm
Suits tablets: up to 190-300mm W x 10 mm D
Weight: 170 g
Compatible with popular tablets: Microsoft Surface , iPad , Samsung Galaxy Tab
Color: natural aluminium
Product code: ST10411JR

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