The Art Behind Our Ultra-Portable Laptop Stands

The Art Behind Our Ultra-Portable Laptop Stands

Laptop stand design is focused primarily on one thing: ergonomics. Fixed laptop stands are oftentimes heavy and bulky, and the stands which are specifically made for portability are not just eyesores but are also clunky and cumbersome to use. These stands usually forego other design elements that should be the norm. Standivarius has been on the forefront of ergonomic tools for hybrid work for more than a decade, and all our laptop stands inherit the principles that we are known for: functionality, minimalist aesthetics, and ultra-portability. 

Means to An End 

If a comfortable work experience is the goal, then ergonomics is the means to realise that. Laptop stands with height adjustability elevate your screen to eye level, preventing hunching over, which in turn, minimises long-term musculoskeletal disorders.  

It should not stop there, however. Properly designed stands should also prevent you from using the keyboard when the laptop is on the stand; when that happens, it would be best to upgrade to one that is designed for proper ergonomics. 

No Compromises 

Ultra-portability is also one of the laptop stand features that aligns with the Standivarius design ethos. However, durability is often the trade-off with portability. With our experience in the mobile ergonomics field, we’ve made it a priority to not compromise on the stands’ longevity. Our stands are crafted from the aluminium composite Hylite, making them highly durable and can withstand years of daily use. The material is also ultralight and ultrathin which makes the stands a mainstay in your laptop bag or backpack. 

User experience is an important aspect of a laptop stand’s functionality. Your experience should not be a frustrating one, and there should be no fiddling with buttons or anything that would make you lose focus on work when you’re working on-the-go. Standivarius laptop stands such as the Oryx evo D and stand·art boasts an intuitive design that lets you spend precious time on your daily tasks rather than setting up your stand. 

Marriage Between Form & Function 

It is our belief that form should be on equal footing with function, and our ultra-portable laptop stands are testaments to that. Their sleek lines and modern finishes are standard, but not merely for aesthetic reasons. Standivarius adheres to the philosophy of ‘functional aesthetics in laptop stands,’ giving focus and purpose to their physical appearance. 

We are, after all, attracted to beauty that inspires us. From our introductory offerings such as the Ergo Know-Me to our masterpiece that is Etra, every stand on our line embodies visual design minimalism. 

The perfect balance of form and function also extends to Standivarius’ innovative ergonomic solutions such as our stand for the Microsoft Surface Pro, the KickStand, as well as our X-stand portable monitor stand.  


Functionality, minimalist aesthetics, and ultra-portability is the trifecta that Standivarius has made art with. It is not art that we alone have made, however. Our stands are what they are now because of your valuable input. Years of user feedback and collaboration have helped us perfect our design. Standivarius ergonomic solutions, after all, are made with you in mind.  

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