The Positive Impact of a Proper Workspace Setup on Productivity and Health

The Positive Impact of a Proper Workspace Setup on Productivity and Health

Workspace setups vary depending on personal preferences. For some, customizing their workspace setup is based on convenience. For others, their setup’s aesthetics is the top priority. Productivity and health are oftentimes ignored, possibly due to a lack of awareness on the matters, or because of a lack of research-backed information that are readily available online. Regardless of the reason, the positive impact your workspace setup has on your productivity and health is worth thinking about.


A properly organized workspace layout is not just for aesthetic value. It is also for the improvement of mental performance, productivity, and efficiency. A neat and organized workspace setup helps remove visual clutter, which reduces annoying distractions that keep us from being productive. With a clean line of sight, the brain can effectively focus more on the task at hand and not on desk clutter.

Another advantage of a neat and organized workspace setup is that it can result in a natural flow of work. By arranging our often-used work essentials such as USB hard drives or pens in such a way that they follow a structure and are within immediate reach, we can move through tasks more smoothly, allowing us to be more efficient and effective.

This also has the potential to lessen the stress involved in having a messy workspace. After all, not immediately finding the documents that we need, or even our mouse, because of a cluttered desk can be very frustrating.


When we personalize our workspaces to our preferences, they become extensions of our own unique personalities, which then encourages us to work better because we have made the spaces ‘our own.’ A workspace that’s tailored to our personalities also gives us the sense of familiar comfort that we feel when we’re in our homes.

When we include memorable items or those that have sentimental value to our workspaces, our stress and anxiety levels may lessen because of the positive emotions we attach to the items. Having personal items such as photographs of our loved ones or our beloved pets inspires us. These items can even serve as motivators, reminding us of why we work. A workspace with personal items that inspires us brightens our mood, allowing us to work more productively.

With the right balance of form and function, personalizing our workspaces can inspire and motivate us in our daily work routine.


Studies have shown that ergonomics has a positive workspace health impact. There are a lot of scientific findings that back up the reality that using equipment and furniture that are designed with ergonomics in mind can significantly reduce neck and back pain. With emphasis on the importance of height adjustable chairs, desks, and monitor or laptop stands that align with our body, comfort and a life with less pain follows.

Health and productivity also go hand in hand. Rather, productivity is a natural result of proper workspace ergonomics. When there’s a premium that’s placed on ergonomics, there is significantly less discomfort and body aches that are often caused by poor posture. And with less pain and discomfort, we can work a whole lot more effectively for longer periods of time.

When there are fewer work disruptions that’s caused by pain, the quality of work life gets better.


An important yet overlooked aspect of workspace setups is taking the time to move the body. Spending hours sitting on a chair is similar to living an inactive lifestyle, which has proven health risks. By adding regular legs, arms, and neck movements to daily work routine, the negative consequences of prolonged sitting such as muscle tightness, stiffening of the joints, and reduced blood flow to the body are reduced.

Taking 5 – 15 minutes breaks to do full body stretches and light exercises also have proven health benefits in the workplace. Even while sitting, doing simple chair exercises and stretches does wonders for our physical health.

Taking breaks can also refresh our mental efficiency. By taking the time to step back from the work desk even for a few minutes, we gain renewed focus and concentration, which then leads to improved mental performance and productivity in our daily tasks. A short break from our desk can also refresh our eyes, allowing us to see what we may have missed the first time around in transcribing or in data input. Seeing with fresh eyes can also help us when we get stuck in creative endeavours in work.

When we become so hyper-focused on work that we forget to move and take breaks, setting alarms or notifications on our phones to remind us greatly helps.

These are just some of the ways that our workspace setup impacts our productivity and health. However, these four are the essential ones that we need to at least consider. These not only improve our physical health, but they can also improve our mental health as well. An ergonomic workspace positively impacts our health. An organized workspace that’s free of clutter enhances our efficiency and allows us to focus on our tasks. A more personal workspace inspires us and can boost our morale. And periodic wellness breaks stretch our muscles and recharges our minds. Applying proper ergonomics, arrangement, personalization, and taking breaks are great ways to start improving our workspace productivity and health in our everyday work lives.

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