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Products that are backed by research and are ergonomically certified are more likely to improve wellbeing

Prevention - The Most Effective Means Available

The general wisdom that prevention is less costly than treatment is supported by countless studies. Early ergonomic interventions through proper equipment and training will necessarily reduce costs related to sick leave, while improving long-term productivity and general wellbeing among employees. 

Productivity, physical and mental wellbeing are closely linked

A comfortable and well-suited setup of the workplace, either in the office, at home, or on the go will impact the physical state, which further elevates the mental wellbeing. The right ergonomic tool for the job significantly impacts productivity, with solutions such as Portable Double Screen Setup and Home Office Is Not Permanent Office as further proof of this.

Equipment that employees will enjoy using

Successful prevention is not only about the right posture, and in most cases the equipment provided is not meeting the other demands of the users. Our long-term assessments show that if user friendliness (ease of use), portability, and even aesthetics are not all met at the expected level, the equipment will have a short life. All effort put into such initiatives will be in vain.

Minimize regulatory risks and costs

Choosing an approach that focuses on employee well-being not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also results in fewer noncompliance claims. Ergonomically approved laptop stands put you, your employees, and your company in a safer place.

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